AR Festival

we are looking forward to the 9th edition of the 3D KIFF and AR Festival in November 2017. Our success is only possible because of your support and the wonderful submissions we received from 3D and AR filmmakers from around the globe.

Our Festival will take place in the same location like last year:

the 3D Festival takes place in the Lotte Cinema Broadway in Sinsa
We have moved the festival date to November, during the famous Seoul Lantern festival.

The special AR section this year will focus on Applications for Microsoft Hololens. Developpers who develop AR applications in the field of:

AR Educaction
AR Entertainment
AR Business Applications
other AR applications
are invited to submit their latest applications for the 3D KIFF AR Awards.

The Submission Deadline for 3D movies and AR Programs is 15th Sept. 2017.

Festival Regulations and further Information can be found on our website:

your 3DKIFF Team