3D KIFF 2015

HistoryAward Winners

2015 KIFF Jury Prize: THE SHOOT (더슛)
Director 곽동철
Cinematographer 전병렬, 서기원
Stereographer 임경우, 전우열
Type Narrative
Country South Korea
Category Short Film
Year of Production 2014

The joyous screams of the audience heard the amusement park.
They are scene to film in the amusement park.
The staff is so busy shooting for preparation. The actress sits on the seat between staff.
Director picks up the hand gun next to the megaphone instead.
He speaks to staff. “Ready action”
One of the staff makes mistakes. Director shouting ‘cut.’
Every staff looks at the director. Director shoots and kills the mistake staff.
Put away the corps staff, other staff seemed to be all there was no one to do their own.
If cinematographer dies, his assistant will replace the cinematographer role.
Also main actress makes N.G director kill her, another actress will do main actress.
NG is repeated, the more increase in the number of actors and staff going to die
Madness director reaches the pole.
So in the end all be put to death.
Assistant director left alone stands idly among the dead in horror
Frenzy is directed pointing a gun to the head of fallen assistant director
Not only is the bullet pull the trigger stretched.
Assistant director escape during the director is load hand gun.
Finally, let alone the rest of director between the bodies pile
It spreads like a ring on the set of Scream Ready Action signed by director
Directed towards the sky pouring a bath biting a pistol in the mouth to suicide