Festival Guidelines

2016 3D Korea International Film Festival REGULATIONS

Entry Deadline: 2016 July 31th August 28th

1. Who is the Organizer?

The 3D Korea International Film Festival (The 3D KIFF)

2. What is its Purpose?

The 3D KIFF introduce the 3D films made not only in Korea but also in other Asian countries, Europe, and the United States. We would like to provide a forum to the world to share the 3D contents and technologies through various seminars, conferences, and workshops.

3. When and Where?

The 3D Korea International Film Festival will be held for 4 days from 26th to 29th of October in parelles with the Korea Electronics Show in Coex Mall in Seoul.

4. How is its programs classified?

The 3D Korea International Film Festival is divided into two sections; Competition and Non-Competition. All forms of 3D footage including movie, documentary, advertisement, animation and so on. Reasons to have the sector are mainly to screen movies and to encourage the world to make various and enterprising 3D movies.

2016 a VR Section for stereoscopic 360 degree VR movies will be introduced. In order to increase the reach of this section, the section will be presented during the EEECS 2016 Conference in Qingdao, China, August 10-12.

5. What are the qualifications?

An applier should hold the copy rights for entry film. If not, the applier will take every legal responsibility that could be caused by the copy rights. Entry footage should be 3D Cinema Format. Duration of feature film should be more than 60 minutes. And less than 60-minute footage will be categorized to short film.

VR Movies are only accepted when they are stereoscopic. For technical reasons, only submissions with a maximum duration of 3 minutes can be accepted. Submissions with longer duration are requested to select a 3 minutes excerpt for the festival.

In terms of , the 3D KIFF will select films that suits to its purpose.
Films screened by other film festivals can make entry. However, it should be informed Seoul 3DKIFF Office.

6. How to enter?

Entry procedure is as follows.

Fill out
an Application form

Register on the Website  and fill in the application online

Send forms
and Preview Footage

What to send: Preview footage (about 3minutes) and the properly filled in application form in a proper storage device or via online file transfer. (See below)
Deadline: 18:00 pm August 28th 2016, Seoul Time
Address : (139-845) 312, Sam-neung Space, 23, Seokgye-ro 18-gil, Nowon-gu, Seoul, Korea (You can visit or send us required materials

Select the Nominees

Organizer with judges will choose the footage and the nominees will be announced.
You can visit our web-site to check the status.

Orignal Footage Submission Deadline

Deadline : August 5th. September 5th
Address : (139-845) 312, Sam-neung Space, 23, Seokgye-ro 18-gil, Nowon-gu, Seoul, Korea (You can visit or send us required materials. Online File Transfer is also possible, see below)

Original Format for Screening must be sent as unencrypted DCP (Digital Cinema Package)
Only 24 fps can be submitted

7. How to evaluate?

Selected judges, appointed by the 3D KIFF, will evaluate films based on production and technological merits combining both for an overall score.

8. Subtitles

When Korean subtitles are needed, the 3D KIFF will produce and provide it. The copyrights of the subtitles belong to the 3D KIFF.

9. About Shipping?

The 3D KIFF will only pay for the shipping charges when a selected film is returned. Appliers must pay for the shipping of the submission. For preview screening waterial, we support and encourage transfer by internet:

  • movies in SBS Format on Youtube with a direct link or permission for  info(a)3dkiff.org .
  • upload to a file sharer like e.g. MEGA (with 50GB free storage) and send us the sharing link(with the submission form.)

10. Compensation?

The 3D KIFF will NOT compensate for any damages of whatsoever nature, caused while the film is shown during the Festival.

11. How will my film be used?

The 3D KIFF can use films entered as promotion material such as brochures and video images. Appliers should consent that their films can be screened during ‘The 2015 3D Korea International Film Festival. The 3D KIFF will decide show date, time and location.

12. Agreement

All rights regarding submitted materials belong to copyright holders. Other details that are not stipulated on the web-site will be decided after negotiation with the copyright holders. Provisions above will be effective when appliers submit application forms with their own signature.