Submission Checklist

We provide this checklist, because we would like to publish your entries, without altering or changing the information you provided to us.

We kindly request you to look over your entry, and verify the subsequent points:

Long Titles:

Please avoid long titles containing a logline. Enter the content so it can easily be read in the catalogue. The title will be in one line if it is about 30 characters. The line will be broken if the title contains more than 30 characters.


Please avoid them. You may mention the logline in the short summary or long summary section.


Please avoid them, when they are not necessary or an abbreviation.
Titles like: MOVIE TITLE, should be written: Movie Title.
Layout is prepared to give the best visibility to your title.


Please use initial Capitals for your title. Use Movie Title instead of movie title.

Special Characters:

We know that some authors want to underline or enhance their entries. Please avoid bullets or other special characters

Quotation Marks:

Some people use quotation marks. Unless these are really an element of the title, please avoid them.
They look very awkward and normally not flattering for the entry.
Other special characters may be used if they are UTF8


Please avoid brackets, if you can. If you have several episodes like Movie Title (part 9) try to use a hyphen instead:
Movie Title – part 9

Initial “the” in the title:

Some titles contain the article “the” in the title.  If it is not really necessary, please avoid “the” in the title. Movies will appear in an index of the catalogue. Your title will be difficult to find, if it is in a large section with movies all starting by “the”.

Line breaks:

Most text will be printed in paragraphs and floating text. Please avoid line breaks to enhance information, or to create a list e.g. of actors. Please use a simple separation with commas in this case.

Numbering, Lists:

Please avoid numbering and lists with line breaks. It unnecessarily increases the space of your movie information, and we might need to truncate other information.


Poster photos can be horizontal or vertical. Our layout creates a horizontal frame and will fit whatever format you send to us. The full frame will be occupied by a 16:9 horizontal poster image.

Entry names:

Please verify the names of your team are spelled correctly. Pleaese avoid Capitals. In case of many names first names may be abriged with a dot such as B. Obama, H. Clinton or D. Trump.

Mandatory entries:

Please fill in the mandatory fields, since they are part of the catalogue entry. Important to us is: the short summary, the director information and short summary.

Summary length:

please keep short summaries short, we will generally publish a bilingual catalogue. The long information might be used for additional information for the jury or on the webcatalogue.

Personal and Contact information:

We will not publish the personal information or any contact information you provided us to get in touch. As in the past we will forward request to the appropriate submitter, but not disclose contact information.

Optional entries:

We try to honor and publish all the team members you enter on the form e.g. music and editor. If you choose to leave these fields blank, no information regarding additional positions will be published.

catalogue sample

Further help and assistance:

If you need further help or assistance with your submission please contact us at team(at) We will be happy to support you.